U.S. Department of the Interior – U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and USFWS Region 4

The USFWS is responsible for preventing introductions of potentially harmful, invasive species on land and in waters under the Department of Interior’s jurisdiction. The USFWS is working with the State of Georgia and the National Park Service to reduce the threat of Asian swamp eels in the Chattahoochee River. Additionally, the agency’s Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program provides funds for private landowners to manage invasive species, primarily plants, on their property. Specific projects have focused on privet and tallow tree removals and research on red shiner/blue shiner interactions. The USFWS also created grant agreements with The Nature Conservancy regarding invasive plant control in the Altamaha basin, and funded projects to remove invasive plants and research to increase understanding of how invasive species might out-compete native fish. In order to increase public awareness of aquatic invasive species, the USFWS’s Regional Aquatic Nuisance Species Coordinators have developed informational websites, conducted workshops, and created outreach materials for national distribution, including traveling displays, exhibits, pamphlets, aquatic invasive species identification cards, fact sheets, and videos.