Georgia Green Industry Association (GGIA)

GGIA supports self-regulation and phasing out use of invasive species through public education about desirable alternatives. It also hopes to self-regulate in the area of new introductions through the development of screening protocols. GGIA is presently working with the Georgia Exotic Pest Plant Council and the Georgia Native Plant Society to develop a list of alternative plants for cultivation, both native and nonnative. The goal of this effort is to have a single list of accepted and prohibited plants that will be agreeable to all and a unified message that can be conveyed to the gardening public. GGIA has worked with the Center for Applied Nursery Research in Dearing, Georgia to solicit help from the research community with problems associated with invasive species and ways to combat invasiveness in ornamental plants. GGIA has also adopted the Voluntary Codes of Conduct for Nursery Professionals per the St. Louis Declaration on Invasive Plant Species, and provides assistance with productions of educational brochures in cooperation with UGA and the State Botanical Garden.