The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy is the world’s largest conservation organization. In Georgia, the Conservancy has worked for years to abate the threats that invasive species, both plants and animals, pose for Georgia’s natural resources through partnerships, planning, and management action. Conservancy conservation planners in Georgia have long recognized the threat that exotic species pose for biodiversity, and appropriate strategies have been devised and implemented which abate those threats. These include working at the ground level as well as the state and U.S. policy level to effect changes in laws and regulations that control deliberate and accidental importation of potential invasive species. On-the-ground management activities include removals of invasive plants from Conservancy-owned preserves and priority lands and waterways by Conservancy personnel and volunteers. On the Georgia coast, the Conservancy is mapping and treating infestations of aquatic invasive plants including common reed, water hyacinth, and the wetland invasive Chinese tallow. The Conservancy also pursues communication strategies related to exotic invasive species. The Conservancy has sponsored invasive plant species workshops for land managers and other resource personnel in which participants are trained in the impact, identification, and control of exotic pest plants.