Trees Atlanta

Trees Atlanta is a non-profit citizens’ group dedicated to protecting and improving the urban environment by planting and conserving trees. It also educates the public about the value of trees and is involved with tree issues in the entire metropolitan Atlanta area. Trees Atlanta sponsors many volunteer clean ups and nature walks in parks, greenspaces, and woods where invasive plants are removed, native plants are installed, and public education about invasive species takes place. The group conducts species rescues for native plants at its Heritage Trail, Piedmont Park and Grant Park projects, and, through a grant from the Urban Resources Partnership, Trees Atlanta received funding to remove kudzu, honeysuckle, and privet from the Oakhurst Green Space in Decatur and re-establish the stream bank and surrounding area with native trees and plants. Trees Atlanta also supervised the volunteer clean up of Connally Nature Park during which volunteers were educated about invasive plants such as privet, poison ivy and poison oak.