Georgia Department of Transportation: Office of Environment and Location (GDOT)

GDOT ecologists, landscape architects, maintenance crews and construction personnel survey for invasive plant species on all transportation construction projects throughout the state. The survey reports are catalogued and are reviewed by the Federal Highway Administration, USFWS and WRD. In situations where protected plant species are in proximity to project corridors, special provisions are used to target specific nuisance plant species with herbicide. Construction vehicles and equipment are required to be inspected for invasive plant species and removal of such species must occur before vehicles and equipment are transferred between project locations. GDOT is preparing to work with the UGA Bugwood Network and the Georgia Exotic Pest Plant Council by contributing GPS data on the location of invasive plant species throughout the state. GDOT owns and operates over 30,000 acres of stream and wetland mitigation banks in which restoration and preservation activities are conducted. These mitigation sites are monitored for plant success, species composition and water table fluctuations. Additionally, GDOT reports any cogongrass and hydrilla sightings to the WRD. GDOT is treating numerous cogongrass sites on State and Federal right-of-ways in conjunction with the GFC’s eradication effort.