How Do I Take Action?

The best way to stop invasive species is prevention. By taking care and taking part in simple “dos” and “don’ts”, you can make a difference and impact change.

Several national campaigns are in place to help educate and create awareness on where and how citizens can help control and prevent invasive species. Take time, be alert, and do your part.


Play, Clean, Go
Keep the adventure, leave the invasive species

  • REMOVE plants, animals and mud from boots, gear, pets, and vehicle.
  • CLEAN your gear before entering and leaving the recreation site.
  • STAY on designated roads and trails.
  • USE CERTIFIED or local firewood and hay.

Clean, Drain, Dry
Clean, Drain, Dry… After every waterbody, every time.

CLEAN off visible aquatic plants, animals, and mud from all equipment before leaving water access.

  • Rinse equipment and boat hulls (with high pressure, hot water when possible).
  • Rinse interior compartments of boats with low pressure, hot water (120°F).
  • Flush motor with hot water (120°F) for 2 minutes (or according to owner’s manual).

DRAIN motor, bilge, livewell, and other water containing devices before leaving water access.

DRY everything for at least five days OR wipe with a towel before reuse.


Don’t Move Firewood
Buy it where you’ll burn it.

Don’t move wood from long distances – it can potentially transport invasive species.


Don’t Pack a Pest
Declare agricultural items.

There are risks associated with carrying certain types of food, plants, or other agricultural items in passenger baggage.  Don’t Pack a Pest and declare all agricultural products on U.S. Customs forms.


Don’t Let it Loose
Releasing a Pet to the Wild is Never the Right Thing.

Pets don’t have the capability to survive in the wild. They may suffer with lack of food and shelter or become a meal for a predator. If they do survive, they become an invasive species where native wildlife may not have the defenses to compete. Rehoming options are available in the National Home to Home platform.


National Invasive Species Information Center

The gateway to invasive species information; covering federal, state, local, and international sources.