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Kudzu infestation invading a cotton field

What is an Invasive Species? 

Invasive species, also known as exotic, nonnative or introduced species, are plants and animals that have been introduced, either intentionally or accidentally, into areas outside their natural ranges and cause economic or environmental harm. These species are capable of having a negative effect on Georgia’s economy, natural environment, and human and animal health.

These invadors consist of plants, insects, diseases, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, crustaceans, nematodes, fish, and arachnids. Invasive species also include seeds, eggs, spores or other propagules.

If left uncontrolled, invasive species can and will limit land use, cause billions of dollars in economic losses, threaten the state’s biodiversity, and become a finanical burden to control.

Because of the potential negative impacts that can result from invasive species, it has become an official public goal in Georgia to reduce the environmental and economic damage done by harmful, nonnative species.