Why Should I Care?

Invasive species spread either accidental or intentional into new environments has resulted in negative impacts to the ecological communities of infested areas, to commercial, agricultural, aquacultural, and recreational activities dependent on these areas.

It is estimated that invasive species cost the U.S. economy over $100 billion each year. Nationally, invasive plant species cause a 12 percent reduction in agricultural crop yields, costing the industry $24 billion in lost crop production annually. In addition, about $3 billion a year in herbicides are used to protect U.S. crops from invasive plants.

Invasive species are also the second leading cause of species being listed as threatened or endangered. And due to climate change, Georgia is facing the potential habitat expansion of invasive species.

These invaders are invading our lives in more ways than one and if not managed correctly will continue to spread and cause more damage.